5Rhythms Teacher Training
I will attend the next 5Rhythms Teacher Training in September, which is one of 3 modules.  The 2nd module will be done on-line and the 3rd..."somewhere in Europe."  This training is one I have wanted to do for 2 decades, but the stars have aligned and I am thrilled to bring this practice to my community.

In this Conscious Dance Practice, I've been inspired by the work of Gabrielle Roth & the 5Rhythms, and Open Floor International. 

This is a free form moving dance meditation.
We are guided to find our own
ways to move. There's no right/wrong, just a willingness to let go and keep the body moving.

This class is for all ages, shapes and sizes. The only prerequisite is a desire to DANCE.

No experience necessary.

You can choose to wear shoes or dance barefoot. Please Dress in layers.

Experience the dynamic healing power of movement.