Dance Fitness
Friday's at 6:00 pm ...with Gina Grace Blum
(A.K.A. Zumba Toning) perfect for those who want to put emphasis on toning and sculpting!  The challenge of adding resistance or light weights will help you focus on specific muscle groups so you and your muscles stay engaged.
Light weights will also enhance your sense of rhythm and coordination while toning target zones.  In addition, dance releases endorphins, which interact with serotonin & dopamine, chemicals to instantly boost your mood.  Aside from making you feel good, dance is a full-body fat burner.  You will work all your large and small muscle groups in this class, sculpting and toning your whole body.

Dance Inspired Movement

Next class ...TBA
This is NOT a yoga class, but a free form, moving meditation. Nonverbally seek out gestures and shapes, tune into instinct and intuition, creatively express aggression, anxiety, edges and emotions. Let yourself move, and be moved. This class offers limited, but some instruction as the whole purpose is to find your own way to move. This class is for all shapes and sizes. The only prerequisite is a desire to dance and unleash the dynamic healing power of movement!!!

Lynn is currently accepted into The 5Rhythms® teaching certification, which is scheduled to begin May of 2019.  However, due to financial obligations with starting a new business, the training had to be postponed.  More details to follow.

Teaching this work is a path of mastery (the ability to physically embody the 5Rhythms), integrity (proper training and preparation to facilitate this healing practice) and humility (knowing that teaching is but a lifetime commitment to being a student).

The heart of the 5Rhythms work is service. Lynn intends to incorporate the Rhythms into her existing practice. This training will be a profound preparation in the 5Rhythms practice. It's an intensive, yearlong process, which includes 3 training modules, as well as interim projects and community service.  

At this time, embodied movement practices in the state of Michigan are minimal.